Aroma 3: A premium beef with Omega 3 acids

A premium veal full of Omega 3 acids

Text by Mirella Kaloglou & Panos Diotis.

In our last visit to our favorite butcher shop ("Alektor"), we went for some premium veal cuts, to cook them with wine and herbs in a classic pot roasting recipe. 
The owner, suggested a relatively new product, the Aroma 3 veal. He told us that this meat is more tender and tastier.
The price was quite affordable, so we took about 2 pounds to try it. He also, gave as a brochure with some basic information for the farm producing the meat, and its quality characteristics.
When we went home to cook it, and touched the veal pieces, we were amazed by their juicy, and tender texture. We mean, you could actually feel the difference with other similar meats, just by touch.
Suffice to say that we cooked it, and the result was a very tender, very tasty, delicious meat. We haven't tasted such great veal before. 

So we visited the website reffered at the brochure (, and after reading the whole process of the Aroma 3 beef production, we decided to write a small piece because we honestly believe that such innovative ideas with superb results must be promoted.

The calves for the Aroma 3 beef are selected French calves, imported to Greece at the age of 7 months. They are then fed for 6 months with a special patented feed mixture. The mixture was developed in coordination with the University of Thessaloniki and contains Greek herbs like oregano, basil, mint. The result of feeding the cattle with these antioxidants, is that the meat, is enriched by the valuable Omega 3 acids. 
The whole process is supervised by the AGROCERT (which is the government agency responsible for agricultural products certifications) to ensure the production quality "from farm to table".

The Koutsioftis farm (a small family farm owned by two brothers) succeeded this way, in creating a superb quality meat; This resulted top Chefs specifically requesting it for their creations. The farm also provides the meat to selected groceries stores and butcher shops which are selling quality products.

If you want to try the Aroma 3 beef, or are interested in some more information you can contact the farm at:
Τel: +30 2331 071803
Email: [email protected]
or you can use the form:
and facebook page:

This article is not sponsored by Koutsioftis Farm, is not a paid advertisment or part of any affiliate marketing program. Meaning: We really enjoyed the product and are writing our personal and honest opinion.



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