Liebster Award

Liebster Award


Photo and text by Mirella Kaloglou & Panos Diotis.

This week Kate Astolat from "The Lab on the Roof" ( shared the Liebster award with us. Kate has many beautiful ideas for your kitchen or your garden, for decorating your place and many many more! It's definitely a great blog and we honestly think you will find something interesting visiting it!

The Liebster award, for those who never heard anything about this, is an award which is given by bloggers to bloggers. The purpose is to honor the awarded blogs and to help build some awareness for them.

The usual process is this: A blog receives the award, shares 11 things about the blog and the people maintaining it and then share the award with 5-11 other blogs.
The blog sharing the award must go to the pages/social media or the blogs and inform them they have been awarded. Sometimes 11 questions are prepared for the blogs receiving the award, but this optional nowadays.

It's a beautiful gesture, and usually the chain is not broken.

The Liebster award is focusing mostly on smaller blogs, as the purpose is to build awareness, therefore the awarded blogs should have less than 1000 followers.

So, first we’d like to thank Kate and The Lab on the Roof for the Liebster award!

Here are 11 things about Little Cooking Tips:

1. It’s site maintained by a couple, both in life and the kitchen, Mirella and Panos.

2. We are native Greeks living in Athens.

3. We are in our late 30s.

4. We love crime shows, especially: CSI (all three, Miami was our favorite) and Law and Order SVU.

5. We love taking long walks in a large pine grove that's close to us.

6. We make fun of each other regarding who's the Chef and who's the Sous-Chef.

7. We’re often listening to Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and classics of the 40s and 50s while cooking.

8. We love trying new flavors, ingredients and making exotic dishes. It's quite difficult to find some of the materials here in Athens though.

9. We love the fact that through our blog we 'met' people from all over the globe and learned so many things about different cultures and cuisines. And this is an ongoing process!

10. We found out that many many Greek dishes and ingredients are virtually unknown outside our borders. So we’ll try to remedy this:)

11. We prefer to buy locally from smaller shops/firms, and we prefer organic food.

We chose not to create 11 random questions for the blogs we will award ourselves. We want to them to feel free about sharing stuff about themselves on their own :)

So the blogs we’d like to honor are the following:

1. The Fork Ran away with the Spoon:

A beautiful blog maintained by Jackie Larena-Lacayo and her daughter Eryka, influenced by the Spanish, the Cuban and the Nicaraguan cuisines. So, the combination is simply amazing!

2. Delicioso y Divertido!:

Susana Kawai maintains a very interesting food blog, with recipes from all over the world. She loves to adjust and transform recipes according to her own beautiful style. And we love to read them!

3. Food From Portugal:
A great food blog with a focus on Portuguese cuisine. Visit this, to discover the amazing tastes of a beautiful traditional cuisine, with a large variety of dishes and ingredients.

4. Swashti’s Indian Food blog:

Swashti is an Indian living in Singapore, which presents amazing Indian dishes. Her blog will introduce you to the traditional Indian cuisine. We love her presentation.

5. From Brazil to You:

Denise Browning, a Brazilian living in Texas, has a beautiful site where she helps us find out about the Brazilian cuisine and ingredients. We always enjoy reading her posts.

6. Blog-chef:

Milan Mladenovic is a doctor who loves to cook and share his beautiful ideas for recipes. We love the way he presents his dishes.

7. Culinary Flavors:

Katerina Delidimou has a wonderful food blog, where –like us- she share traditional Greek recipes and other popular dishes in English. We consider Katerina a fellow traveler in our efforts to share the Greek dishes and culture with the world. Bravo Katerina!

8. Funke Koleosho’s Food Blog:

Funke has a beautiful Nigerian food blog, where we learn and discover many African dishes and ingredients. She often posts cultural info related to the food she presents, which is one of the elements we love about her blog!

9. Gourmet Weekenda:


A very interesting blog, with food, recipes and techniques and a unique presentation style!

10. Bonnie Banters:

Bonnie Banters is a passionate cook who is in the food catering business for years. We always love to read her posts.

11. Sweets & Spices:

Aara is an Indian maintaining a very tasty food blog with recipes focusing on her country’s cuisine. We really enjoy learning about the ingredients she uses and seeing how beautifully she combines them.

So, these were our choices! The Fork Ran away with the Spoon, Delicioso y Divertido!, Food From Portugal, Swashti’s Indian Food blog, From Brazil to You , Blog-chef , Nava-K, Funke Koleosho’s Food Blog , Gourmet Funke Koleosho’s Food Blog , Weekenda , Bonnie Banters , Sweets & Spices : Which ones are your favorite smaller blogs? 



swasthi (not verified)
Thanks for the award and your constant support. Hugs
Many hugs from us too Swasthi! And many thank you for your wonderful recipes!

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