Chocolate Mousse with Baileys

Chocolate Mousse with Baileys

Photo and text by Panos Diotis and Mirella Kaloglou.

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This recipe is a must-try for any chocolate addict: a decadent, rich, thick chocolate mousse! We took our classic, traditional chocolate mousse recipe and enhanced it with one of our favorite liquors: Baileys Irish Cream.

The result is an irresistible, divine chocolate dessert. It's the perfect finish to your dinner in any special occasion, like anniversaries, Valentine's or Holidays!

Chocolate mousse is one of those easy desserts you can make if you're new around the kitchen. It's simple and easy to follow, with very few ingredients: dark chocolate, butter, eggs and caster sugar.
Some people also like to add cream to their chocolate mousse but we prefer the old school approach which only uses eggs.

In this recipe we used dark chocolate (minimum 60% cocoa). You should consider buying the best quality dark chocolate your budget can afford as this will define the final result. Prefer a chocolate with higher cocoa content.

Consider also buying top quality, fresh, free range eggs. The eggs are not cooked in a chocolate mousse, but do not be alarmed. For thousands of years humans have been consuming raw eggs in numerous ways. You probably already eat raw eggs and don't even realize it (like in mayonnaise). If you're a bit worried though, you can use a cloth soaked in water and vinegar to clean the shells before cracking the eggs, or buy pasteurized eggs. Feel free to consult any expert (doctor, dietitian) on the subject, of course.

But let's get back to this chocolate delight. Adding Baileys cream takes this classic treat to a whole new level. If you never tried adding Baileys in your desserts before, this is a great way to taste how good this stuff is.  Now; that being said, if you have kids, and want to try this recipe, then omit the liquor and add some vanilla extract instead. But if you're planning -let's say- a Valentine's/anniversary dinner, then by all means do add the Baileys!

You need to refrigerate this for a couple of hours before serving it. The intoxicating aroma of the Irish cream is still dominant when you take it out of the fridge and it does make all the difference.

With this recipe you won't get the foamy result of using store-bought mousse mixes. The texture is rich and thick, making this a sumptuous finger-licking chocolate dessert.

The way this mousse looks is extremely appetizing: it's served in short glasses with white chocolate curls/shavings and cocoa powder. You can use a vegetable peeler to create the curls (scrape a thick white chocolate bar lengthwise) and use a sieve to dust some cocoa powder on top. Of course you can also add a dollop of Chantilly cream as well, if you prefer.

You will really enjoy making this dessert. If you're planning to omit the Bailys and add vanilla, then you should also hand the apron over to your kids and make this together, as a family. Your little ones will love it and you'll make some wonderful memories in the process.

Did we also mention that this is a fantastic make ahead dessert? If it stays in the fridge overnight, it will allow the flavors to develop and become richer.

So let's see how to make this thick, decadent chocolate mousse!

Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored by Baileys. It's not a paid advertisement or part of any affiliate marketing program. Meaning: We really enjoy the product ourselves and are writing our personal honest opinion about it.


- 250g / 9oz dark chocolate (60% cocoa minimum), chopped

- 25g / 0.9oz (2 tablespoons) butter

- 3 medium sized eggs (or 2 large ones), yolks separated from whites, in room temperature

- 30g / 1oz (4 tablespoons) caster sugar

- 60ml (1/4 cup) Baileys Irish Cream

- a little white chocolate and cocoa powder, to garnish (optional)



Add water (one third full) in a small pot/saucepan and place over high heat. Once the water starts simmering (pic.1) turn of the heat and remove from the burner.

Set a medium sized metallic bowl over the pot/saucepan (make sure it doesn’t touch the water) and add the chocolate in it (pic. 2).

Stir slowly until it melts (pic.3). This will take a few minutes, you don’t have to stir continuously. When the chocolate has melted, remove from the pot/saucepan and add the butter (pic.4). Stir until it’s incorporated.

Add half (2 tablespoons) of the caster sugar (pic. 5), and stir. At this point let the mixture cool down, for a couple of minutes. Then add the egg yolks (pic. 6) and stir until they’re incorporated.

Add the Baileys (pic.7) and again, stir until it’s incorporated. Set the bowl aside.
In another clean, metallic bowl whisk the egg whites using an electric hand mixer or your stand mixer (pic. 8).

When the egg whites start to thicken (looking like foam), add the rest of the caster sugar (pic. 9), one tablespoon at a time. Whisk until stiff peaks are formed (pic. 10, until you make a meringue).

Take a third of the meringue and add it to the bowl with the chocolate mix (pic. 11). Fold the meringue into the chocolate (pic. 12). Add the rest of it and fold again. Don't worry if it doesn't look completely incorporated though; it actually tastes much better if there are small lumps of egg whites in the mousse. Overmixing is not recommended.

If you never folded meringue into chocolate or any other batter (like cakes) don't worry. It's very easy; you don’t stir in the meringue. You use a rubber spatula and you scrape the chocolate from the bottom of the bowl and lift it over the meringue. Keep folding and rotating the bowl a little at a time, counterclockwise, until the meringue is almost half-way incorporated into the chocolate. At this point add some more meringue and keep folding and roating the bowl. Stop when the meringue is almost fully incorporated (as mentioned, you don’t have to incorporate it 100%, don’t overmix).

Divide into 4 short glasses and chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours before serving. Kali Oreksi!


1. You can use some vanilla extract (or any flavor) instead of Baileys if serving this to kids.

2. One of the most important tips for meringue:The bowl you will use to beat the egg whites must be very very clean. To achieve this, wipe it with a paper towel soaked in vinegar to eliminate and fat residue.

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Chocolate Mousse with Baileys


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