Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts

Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts

Photo and text by Panos Diotis and Mirella Kaloglou.

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This time we’d like to share with you one of the best and simplest dishes of the Greek cuisine: Giaourti (or Yaourti) me Meli, which literally means Yogurt with Honey. A simple, filling food you can snack throughout the day.

This -rich in protein- creamy sweet treat is a staple in Greek cuisine and it's extremely popular; us Greeks are eating this for breakfast, or snack or for dessert! It's actually so common here, we don't even have to publish this recipe in Greek as we do with all our posts.

Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts

If you ever visited Greece, you may have already tried this, as it's often served in taverns & restaurants in tourist destinations. All of us here LOVE this stuff as much as the folks in the States love ice cream, or perhaps the French love croissants.

Here’s the good news now: you don't need to cook or bake anything! This is a super-fast and super healthy combination of 3 wonderful ingredients: Greek Yogurt, Honey and Walnuts.

The honey variety, is usually thyme or wildflower honey which combines perfectly with the subtle sour taste of the Greek yogurt. A few walnuts add depth, complexity and texture to the dish, making it a food for the Gods. If you have a bit more time, you can also toast the walnuts to enhance their flavor.

Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts

This is hardly a recipe; as mentioned before, it's a simple combination of great, healthy ingredients. We will provide the instructions for the way we make this for ourselves, but feel free to adjust the dish to match your personal preferences. Keep in mind one thing though: since this is a very simple dish, the quality of the ingredients is critical. Choose high quality Greek yogurt and a good wildflower (or thyme) honey for this dish.

Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts

We really can't stress enough how good this is! If you never tried it before, please do it. Today. It will become a staple in your home as well.




Method 1 (traditional):
Add the yogurt in a bowl or a short, wide glass.
Drizzle with the honey and sprinkle the walnuts.

Method 2 (layered, our favorite):
Add half of the yogurt in a bowl or a short, wide glass.
Drizzle with half the honey and add half of the walnuts.
Repeat with the rest of the ingredients on top.


1. You can also use any low fat Greek yogurt.
2. You can add dry or fresh fruits, raisins, craisins and any other nuts you like.
3. If you liked this recipe, we recommend another quick and easy one, that's also served in a glass, a sour cherry no-bake cheesecake


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Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts


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